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Your child's happiness as well as yours...

Serge Cloutier is a certified hockey coach with extensive experience in minor hockey. In addition to playing for 35 years, he was a coach for more than 10 years for the Novice to Midget levels and a federated referee for 3 years. 


In 2005, Serge decided to establish HOCKEY4FUN to give children an opportunity to play for fun, without pressure to perform, while promoting the development of their skills in a healthy and safe environment. A total of 72 players participated in the first HOCKEY4FUN season.


Since 2016, HOCKEY4FUN offers the same concept of games for adults as well as practice sessions to improve various technical skills.   


Since 2023, the organization has more than 500 players playing during the spring season, and more than 100 players for the fall and winter season. 

Finally, Serge is retiree from the federal public service since October 2020, where he has worked in management and as a senior executive for over 30 years. He is currently a consultant and leadership coach through his corporation Cloutier Leadership Consulting

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