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RESPECT - Respect and discipline must prevail at all times towards each player and the staff during the activities inside the arena. No abusive language will be tolerated on the part of players, staff or parents.


DISCIPLINE - Jostling, annoyance and tugging are prohibited. After the game, players must return to the locker room in a disciplined manner. All players must shake hands with players of the opposing team at the end of each game. No alcohol or energy drink (Red Bull, Hype, Monster, Rockstar) will be tolerated.


IN THE ROOM - For the MAGH, Novice and Atom categories, parents can their child get dressed. Unless the coach advises otherwise, it is forbidden to get up while wearing your hockey equipment to avoid accidents. The rooms remain unlocked. HOCKEY4FUN is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


EQUIPMENT - All players must be dressed in their full equipment. Wearing a neck protector is mandatory on the ice otherwise the player will not be able to play.


ON THE ICE - In order to avoid injury, no slap shots will be tolerated. Penalty will result in penalty shot. No act of violence or stabbing will be tolerated under penalty of expulsion from the game. Any recurrence will result in immediate expulsion for all remaining games of the season without refund.


JERSEYS- All jerseys are the property of HOCKEY4FUN. A jersey will be provided to the player for the duration of the season and must be returned in good condition at the last game. $100 will be charged for a lossed jersey.


ABSENCES TO THE GAMES - If possible please advise HOCKEY4FUN at least 48 hours in advance in the event of absence from the games The missed games will not be reimbursed.


PARENT PRESENCE - It is mandatory that a parent responsible for the child be present during the games.


BALANCING TEAMS - To ensure that the teams' forces are equal, HOCKEY4FUN reserves the right to make player changes during the first 4 games. We ask the collaboration of parents and players to facilitate these changes.


PAIRING - HOCKEY4FUN strives hard and in most cases manages to match friends together. As the teams must be balanced to ensure fun for all the players, HOCKEY4FUN can pair your child with 1 friend (maybe 2 depending on the number of registrations) in the same team.


CANCELLATION POLICY - For any cancellation before or during the season, HOCKEY4FUN will reimburse the number of games not being played without any penalties or any administrative costs.


HOCKEY4FUN and its organizers are released from any responsibility and any lawsuit which could be started if you or your child was injured during a game.

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