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HOCKEY4FUN  offers a 4x4 games program focused on experiential learning for children (aged 5-14) as well as 5x5 games for adults . 

We also offer practices for adults combining technical aspects such as handling the puck, skating and varipous tactical aspects.  

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Boys & Girls

Age: 5 to 14 

Growing together!

Thanks to this concept of playing 4 against 4, players have the opportunity to have fun and push their techniques and their confidence to a higher level in a playful and dynamic way.


The teams are formed by age group according to Hockey Quebec, they are mixed (boys and girls) and they bring together different levels of experience.


No need to know the rules of the game, no pressure to perform, equal ice time, and no stoppage of play to maximize ice time make for an exceptional experience!

Our motto is not to take ourselves seriously, to play for fun, as if we were a group of friends playing outside.


Men 30+     Women 18+


Make a childhood dream come true!


Over the years adults asked me to play with the same formula. This program has been offered to women 18+ and men 30+ for a few years now.


A large number of participants realize a childhood dream of being able to play or start playing really just for fun.

The profile of the player is the man or woman who has never or little played hockey, or who played in their youth with a recreational and non-competitive leagues.


As there are currently a multitude of competitive adult hockey leagues, and HOCKEY4FUN is offering the opportunity to men and women with less experience to gradually develop their skill level while having fun. 


Men 30+     Women 18+


Successful learning!

Practices are for adults 18+ only and are mixed.  They are done in workshops, without pressure and without stress, with personalized feedback from our team of coaches. Each practice cover individual and collective techniques and some tactics. We cover the following elements:


Individual techniques - Basic position, fast start, thrust and extension, crossovers, sharp turns, forward skating and backwards, pivots, transition, puck handling, wrist shots, passing, individual marking, face-offs.


Collective tactics - Entering and leaving the zone, passing, various approach to the carrier.


Goalies -Basic position, movements, extensions, butterfly style, net exits, anticipation/reading, puck handling, etc.

Price before taxes    $256.58

TPS (5%)                   $12,83

TVQ (9.975%)         _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ $25.59

Total   $295.00

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